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Phinney Ridge Cafe
65th and Phinney
Seattle, WA 98103
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Mae's Café was carved out of an old greasy spoon known as the Phinney Ridge Café.  It has been a popular neighborhood hangout since the 1920's when trolley cars used to roll past the café headed down toward Fremont.   Back in 1988, Mae happened upon the place.  It was a dirty, greasy run-down old café that had once enjoyed a successful heyday, but was badly in need of a facelift and some T.L.C.-just the kind of place she was looking for!

History GangWhen Mae, a transplant from Wisconsin, hit the scene, she brought in the cows.  The "Moo Room" is her monument to Wisconsin.  This small dining room, located in the back of the café, is one of four dining rooms packed with kitschy junk store treasures.  It's highly decorated with all manner of cow "Moo-morabilia".

Ma'e extensive collection of salt & pepper shakers is displayed throughout the café.  The walls are adorned with a wall hanging of those famous poker playing dogs, a wood shop class rendering of E.T, a beautiful likeness of Elvis and, well, you'll just have to see it for yourself!  Suffice it to say that Mae's has a style all its own.

The menu reflects this eclectic style, too.  Ray, the kitchen manager at Mae's, has mastered the art of smoking fresh trout and salmon, making for some tantalizing menu items.  Jeffrey, the chief line cook, personally produces the best hollandaise this side of heaven.  Mae's serves up Eggs Benedict every weekend in three different ways-with canadian bacon, spinach or smoked salmon.

The workers at Mae's are very loyal, as are the regular customers.  It makes for a homey at-moo-shpere".  Come as you are!  Bring the kids.  Bring your visitors from the heartland-they'll love this taste of Seattle, located just north of the famous Woodland Park Zoo.

Mae's Café has thrived for nearly 20 years on the Ridge. 

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